Welcome to this, the first post about the indie feature Bitter Child. As we did with our previous film, Found In Time, we’ll be updating this site during the whole filmmaking process – development, preproduction, production, post, distribution, and promotion. We’ll be chronicling the forward, backward, and sideways progression of the film, posting behind-the-scenes material, ruminating about the larger themes in the film, and sometimes talking about the technology and process behind independent filmmaking.

Right now we’re in the development stage, where we’re putting the critical elements (cast, crew, locations, financing, logistics) together. Our goal is to shoot the film in August of this year, and have a cut ready by spring of 2016.

In a short time we’ll be putting up more concept artwork, but here’s one of our early efforts. As with all concept art, it’s not a final draft of anything, but a step along the way. It’s about communicating the tone and feel of a film to prospective cast, crew, and supporters.

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