From the team that brought you the ‘lo-fi’ sci-fi film, Found In Time (official selection at 24 festivals, winner of 7 “Best Of” awards), comes Bitter Child


When Mara is reunited with her estranged son by magic, it seems like a wish come true. But when everyone around her starts dying, it turns into her worst nightmare.


Mara’s a young veteran struggling with bills, a dead-end job, lies, PTSD and nightmares. The one thing that keeps her going is her wish to be reunited with her estranged 10-year old son Simon. One night she confesses her wish to her magic-dabbling friend Leslie. Simon shows up on her doorstep the next day, it seems like a wish come true.

But the people around her start turning up dead, and her nightmares get worse. Is it a coincidence? Is she stressed out from being a mother? Or is Simon something other than what he appears to be?


Shooting in summer 2015 in NJ and NYC

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